I look forward to trying this. I have a large (~10 year old) MoinMoin installation that has been migrated up to a 1.8.x version so far, and which is partially ACL'd away behind logins. — Jon

I'll make that clearer in the docs, but we do not deal with ACL (yet?), as ikiwiki doesn't support Moinmoin's level of ACL flexibility. See per page ACLs for more information. --anarcat

I was actually thinking the ACLs would cause a problem just for the crawler, I hadn't considered their re-implementation (but yes, that would be good!) — Jon

Note that freedesktop.org are doing a moinmoin to ikiwiki conversion, see this page for some documentation. It's unclear which software they are using for that purpose. They used the software documented here, and haven't done significant patches: they manually convert the remaining broken bits. — anarcat