Add an option to use the Showdown GUI for editing or adding content. It is BSD-licensed javascript that shows the rendered Markdown (or HTML) while editing.

A demo is at

(I read about this on the markdown mailing list.)

Wikiwyg also can provide a nice GUI for editing, although it would need to be expanded to support markdown. The benefit compared to showdown is that it provides a GUI for editing with widets for italics, etc, compared to showdown which still leaves input in markdown and seems more geared to a fast preview of the html. --Joey

Since we have semi-working wikiwgy and it's better, I'm considering this todo item as done or rather, will-not-be-done..

Given the unfortunate state of affairs for the wikiwyg project, could it be worthwhile to consider this option again? It seems to have a companion product (wmd) with formatting widgets and a live preview pane, that is promised to be MIT licensed as of the next release.... --Chapman Flack

What sort of integration would be needed to put in WMD? It looks like it would need to be aware of some plugin/wikiword behavior ... perhaps taking a Wikiword and making it appear like a link in preview, but with a different style (perhaps diff color/font). For plugin commands, applying a 'real' preview would probably be difficult, so it'd probably be necessary to insert some sort of placeholder, perhaps by outputting the text in monospace form w/ a lighter font to denote that it won't directly be shown in the page... -- harningt

We have a wmd plugin now. --Joey