Wikiwyg is a WYSIWYG editor written in javascript for wikis. It allows editing in a gui or in wikitext and converts edits back to wiki format to be saved to the wiki.

It would be awesome to use this in ikiwiki, but to take full advantage of it with ikiwiki, it would need to know about MarkDown. Wikiwyg does allow defining the text that is stuck on each side of a given html element to make it wikified, for example, it can add "# " for a h1, "?" and "" for a link, etc. This seems easily doable.

The other thing that would need doing is a saveChanges function would need to be implemented that saves the text back to ikiwiki. seems like a good starting point for building a submit form on the fly.

One other problem: Wikiwyg works by parsing html from a div, turning it back into the wiki markup, and editing/saving that. That seems to assume that there's a way of parsing a page's html and getting back to the underlying wiki markup, which is not always the case in ikiwiki. Unless there's some other way to feed it the actual source for a page, this seems like a problem. According to the developers, it is possible to do that, and start off in WikiText mode.

Project IkiWiki::WIKIWYG v1.6 -

Wikiwyg is a "What you see is what you get" editor for wikis. It will allow you to double click on the text in a wiki and save it without reloading the page. The IkiWiki version will allow you to edit your wiki in Markdown or WYSIWYG. You will also be able to edit a page with the wikiwyg editor by clicking the "Edit" link at the top of the page.

This plugin requires that you have Archive::Tar intalled.

The plugin can be downloaded from

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the files from the wikiwyg tarball to the corrosponding folders in your ikiwiki installation
  2. Add "wikiwyg" (no quotes) to the add_plugins section of your ikiwiki.setup
  3. Rebuild your wiki
  4. That's it!

Current Issues

  • Some versions of Mozilla Firefox require you to click Wysiwyg, then another mode, then Wysiwyg again to get Wysiwyg mode working in the Edit link
  • Double lists don't work

Upcoming Features

  • More supported ikiwiki plugins (such as img, smilies, etc.)
  • More wiki languages (such as wiki and otl)
  • Ability to upload directly through wikiwyg (pending the upload plugin)
  • Personalized settings

As noted in discussion, the url above doesn't work, and I stupidly lost my copy of this before merging it. I hope that this plugin will turn back up. In the meantime, there is a wmd plugin that accomplishes the same basic task of WSYWIG markdown editing. --Joey

Seems the new place is now at Github: FYI --Olea

No, that's the wikiwyg source, not the ikiwiki plugin to use it. The latter is what's lost. --Joey