Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: duckduckgo
Author: Jon

The search box on ikiwiki uses Google to look for documentation. Unfortunately to use the result page one have to accept Google terms of use, which may be annoying (since it is full of tracker and a real privacy nightmare).

Would it be possible to change the default behavior to use another search engine more privacy friendly such as https://duckduckgo.com or https://qwant.com.

With both engines adding the "site:ikiwiki.info" string to the search terms limit results to these present on ikiwiki.info.

I've had a first stab at implementing this. It's in my fork on GitHub, specifically branch duckduckgo. It's also live on https://jmtd.net/. — Jon (2019)

I've just updated this branch to not require JavaScript (I learned about a hidden parameter to the search form for specifying the URLs to search under). In case this wasn't clear already, I think this is ready for review and to consider merging to IkIWiki proper. Jon, 2020-12-11

To clarify: What I've done is write a self-contained ikiwiki plugin that can be used as a drop-in replacement for google on any Ikiwiki. Naturally I would like that included in IkiWiki. (1)

However this bug is actually about https://ikiwiki.info/ — every time I search the site I am reminded that IW defaults to Google, because I'm prompted by some pop-over to accept some T&Cs every time (I don't let it save the cookie). (2)

(1) is no doubt a pre-requisite for (2). Are either under consideration? Jon, 2021-02-07