GitHub's flavor of markdown adds fenced code blocks, delimited by triple-backquotes, like this:

more code

That syntax proves quite a bit more convenient in many cases, because it doesn't require modifying every line of the code block to add indentation. Please consider adding optional support for this in ikiwiki. Please also consider turning it on by default for new wikis, though not for existing wikis since it could potentially break backward compatibility with existing content.

I don't think that's an official markdown feature, although it might be available as an extension in some markdown library or other -- possibly one of the ones supported by ikiwiki.

However, aside from compatability, ikiwiki already provides a way to do it that does not require indenting the code: The format directive. Which has the benefit of also telling it what kind of code it is, so it can syntax highlight it. Example:

main :: IO ()
main = forever $
  putStrLn "hello, world!"


It is not a standard feature (as much as Markdown is standardized...) But it does allow for syntax hilightning too, just tag the language name after the backticks. It seems that Discount supports github-style backtick format (as well as Pandoc ~~~~ format) but doesn't allow the keyword argument.

I strongly support this feature. --anarcat

In fact, it turns out that it already works here!

this is a pandoc-style fenced in code block
this is another line

github-style backticks, however, do not add a wrapping <pre> block for some reason:

this is a github-style fenced in code block
this is another line

... maybe a bug in Discount... --anarcat

Discount versions older than 2.1.6 do not support the ``` fences. (hosted by presumably runs on Debian stable, which only has 2.1.3. I am not involved in running Branchable, but it seems reasonable to assume that it will be upgraded to 2.1.7 as part of upgrading to Debian 8 when that is released. --smcv

I strongly support this feature as well! --?integrii

ikiwiki has no support for specific Markdown features: all it does is to recognise a Markdown file and give it to a Markdown implementation such as Text::Markdown::Discount. If you would like ikiwiki to support a different subset of Markdown, please either recommend a better Markdown implementation, or report bugs / feature requests to the maintainer of Discount.

In this case it appears there is no code change required in ikiwiki (and for that matter, nothing to do in Discount either because the feature request has already been implemented), so I'm closing this todo item. --smcv