Just a quick note that some people are making noise about Markdown standardisation. Specifically:

It might be worth following...

ikiwiki does not implement Markdown: we use a third-party library for that (there are several options, but the recommended one is currently Text::Markdown::Discount). We support whatever dialect of Markdown is implemented by the chosen Markdown implementation.

As a result, nothing is likely to change in ikiwiki's interpretation of Markdown unless someone either changes the behaviour of Discount, or recommends a different (and hopefully better) third-party library. --smcv

I am not sure the noise is so much "recent" anymore: that article announcing Commonmark is from 2012 and markdown.github.com is from around 2014. Presumably, Commonmark will become official in 2016, but you know what they say about standards...

I guess the only thing that Ikiwiki would need to do would be to somewhat support Commonmark. There's a Perl library that wraps the C library, but nothing native yet.

I guess we would need to test how it performs and compares with Discount, but having it as a third party module is up for anyone's grab. It should be a fairly simple implementation after all... Then it should probably be mentionned in this discussion for everyone's benefit as well. --anarcat