Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: GiuseppeBilotta/google-analytics
Author: GiuseppeBilotta

I've extended the google plugin to add support for Google Analytics. This is done in two steps:

  • a google_sitesearch config option is introduced, to allow disabling sitesearch even when the google plugin is loaded
  • a google_analytics_account config option is introduced. When it's defined, its value is assumed to be a Google Analytics account ID and the corresponding JavaScript code is automatically inserted in all documents. The way this is done is shamelessy stolen from the flattr plugin

Putting this in the google plugin does not seem to be a good approach. That this "functionality" is offered by the same company as google search is really of no consequence.

Well, my idea was to put all Google-related functionality (in the sense of support for any service provided by Google) into the google plugin. The alternative would have been to have one separate plugin per feature, but that doesn't sound particularly nice to me. I can split it in a separate plugin if you believe it's cleaner that way

Also, can't this be easily accomplished by editing page.tmpl? --Joey

Yes, and so would flattr. But precisely because this kind of code would require editing page.tmpl, doing it the manual way carries the burden of keeping it in sync across Ikiwiki updates (I'm sure I don't need to mention the number of help requests that essentially boil down to "oops, I was using custom templates and hadn't updated them").