Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: jon/remove_action
Author: Jon

The "remove" plugin allows one to remove pages via the web, but you first have to click on 'edit' to get to the 'remove' button. This is a bit counter-intuitive, and ikiwiki has an action list, so it would be good if "remove" (and also "rename" for that plugin) added items to the action list.

First cut series of patches in the indicated branch. A bit more review is needed, in my tests removals work and are committed to the vcs but recentchanges isn't regenerated for some reason (probably the constructed <a> link needs to add/adjust the parameters to emulate a formbuilder form submission more carefully).

I haven't begun on the 'rename' plugin. -- Jon

I accidentally pushed an incomplete patch to that branch that starts the work of doing the same for rename, but it's not working yet, to merge one would need to cherry-pick the other patches for now. Sorry. -- Jon