I would find the brokenlinks listing much easier to use if it grouped all the links to a single missing page on one line, rather than showing one line per page that links to the missing page.

I think this would work well as the default; however, if people prefer the current behavior, perhaps brokenlinks could have an option to group by link target.


The only downside I see to doing that is that currently it create a "?Link" that will create the missing page, with a default location that's the same as clicking on the "?Link" in the page with the broken link. But if multiple pages are listed on one line, there's only one link and so it can only be from=somepage. This would probably not be a problem in most cases though. It's likely that if a missing page is linked to from 2+ pages, that the user both won't take much care which link is clicked on to create it, and that both pages really meant to link to the same page anyway. --Joey