In the osm, we use an absolute URL to download the OpenLayers.js script file. This has two downsides:

  1. if the wiki is behind HTTPS, this will create a nasty SSL warning in the browser and we don't want that
  2. if we want the map to work offline, we need to load the js locally

For those reasons, I think the location of that script should be customizable. --anarcat

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: anarcat/master
Author: anarcat

There is now a patch for this, thanks to Genevieve, available in my master branch.

Note that there's an update to the patch in my master branch, that allows changing the URL for tiles too.

There's a lot of stuff in your master branch. Which commit is it, or if you want me to merge it, spin a branch I can merge. --Joey

I believe this was already fixed, actually - it's commit 409c4e48f983d10aceb6321148d7f440d17eb28f, which you cherry-picked on August 5th in d926c4a. So this is done, thanks! -- anarcat