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Branch: schmonz/proxy
Author: schmonz


Ikiwiki has several plugins that open outbound connections:

In some networks it is desired (or necessary) for these connections to traverse a proxy. Proxies are usually configured via environment variables, so for ikiwiki it is probably not desirable (or necessary) to manage proxy configuration via new purpose-specific settings in the setup file; ENV ought to suffice.

LWP::UserAgent by default doesn't care about the usual environment variables, but if its constructor is passed a true env_proxy value, it does. Then environment settings such as these influence the agent, as expected:

  http_proxy: 'http://foo.internal:8080'
  no_proxy: 'localhost,.bar.internal'

If the proxy and/or destination requires authentication, it may also be necessary to prime cookiejar.


This patch causes ikiwiki's LWP::UserAgent instances to:

  • honor proxy configuration in the environment
  • consistently make use of cookies configured in the setup file


The patch lets me configure aggregate to traverse my corporate proxy and to skip the proxy for internal hosts. I haven't tested it with the other two plugins, both of which prefer LWPx::ParanoidAgent if present, which deliberately lacks proxy support. There exists LWP::UserAgent::Paranoid claiming to be more modern, but I haven't looked at it further, so I don't know whether its paranoia measures up or whether it supports proxies.

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This looks fine, but you forgot to move the config entry for cookiejar from aggregate to the config setting list in IkiWiki.pm --Joey

Indeed, fixed. --schmonz

merged --Joey