In Option linktext for pagestats directive I wrote:

It's unfortunate that map and pagestats have different meanings for the show parameter. I'm tempted to propose a patch that adds something like limit (by analogy with SQL) or max as the canonical name for the "number of things to match" parameter, at which point a non-numeric show could mean [what spalax proposed].

It isn't immediately obvious whether show should be used like [[!map show=title]] or like [[!inline show=10]]. I can't think of any better names for the "which property to display" parameter that don't have the problem of being a synonym for show so you can't easily tell which is which, and I think that suggests that it might be better to rename the "number of items to display" parameter instead.

This would allow recycling the name show so that a non-numeric value is interpreted analogous to [[!map show=title]], for instance to solve Option linktext for pagestats directive.

If a committer (I think that just means Joey?) would review it, I'd be happy to put together a patch that adds the chosen name to all the directives that currently interpret show to mean "number of items", preferring the new name but retaining compatibility for a numeric show.

Some possibilities (using inline as my example directive here):

  • [[!inline limit=10]] like SQL select * from foo limit 10
  • [[!inline max-count=10]] like git log --max-count=10
  • [[!inline max=10]]
  • [[!inline n=10]], [[!inline num=10]], [[!inline number=10]]
  • [[!inline count=10]]

Which of those do Joey/other contributors prefer?

Or if keeping show=10 is preferred, what should be the conventional name for functionality like [[!map show=title]]?

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: smcv/ready/limit
Author: Simon McVittie

I personally prefer [[!inline limit=10]] so I have put that in a branch. Agreement/objections/better ideas welcome. --smcv

In the absence of any feedback I've applied that branch. done --smcv