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Branch: smcv/ready/sslcookie-auto
Author: smcv

At the moment sslcookie => 0 never creates secure cookies, so if you log in with SSL, your browser will send the session cookie even over plain HTTP. Meanwhile sslcookie => 1 always creates secure cookies, so you can't usefully log in over plain http.

This branch adds sslcookie => 0, sslcookie_auto => 1 as an option; this uses the HTTPS environment variable, so if you log in over SSL you'll get a secure session cookie, but if you log in over HTTP, you won't. (The syntax for the setup file is pretty rubbish - any other suggestions?)

Does this need to be a configurable option at all? The behavior could just be changed in the sslcookie = 0 case. It seems sorta reasonable that, once I've logged in via https, I need to re-login if I then switch to http.

Even better. I've amended the branch to have this behaviour, which turns it into a one-line patch. --smcv

And, if your change is made, the sslcookie option could probably itself be dropped too -- at least I don't see a real use case for it if ikiwiki is more paranoid about cookies by default.

I haven't done that; it might make sense to do so, but I think it'd be better to leave it in as a safety-catch (or in case someone's using a webserver that doesn't put $HTTPS in the environment). --s

Might be best to fix want to avoid ikiwiki using http or https in urls to allow serving both first, so that dual https/http sites can better be set up. --Joey

Thanks for merging that! :-) --s

merged --Joey