We're a small medical software and hardware company. We're based in LA, but all of our developers are up here in Portland. We choose ikiwiki for both our public web site and for our internal wikis. We love it, especially based on git: it lets us merge our document repository with our wiki, which is kind of neat.

We're looking for the following "standard" wiki features for some of our git-disabled users:

  • Attachments

    • Must have an attachment link (of whatever kind) on each page.
      • May have the link be disabled by some security setting.
    • Must be able to upload a file to the same directory as the source file (e.g., the .mdwn file).
      • Might be able to choose arbitrary location.
      • Might scan for file information, and disallow security risks (if so, this must be configurable).
    • Must be able to delete files.
    • Might be able to rename them and/or move attached files.
    • Must be able to list attachments (that is, files in the directory)
      • Should list file names, sizes, and date uploaded in a small table.
  • Page renaming/moving/deleting

    There is an (old) patch for this, still needing significant cleanups and improvements to be rcs-agnostic, etc. --Joey

  • inter-wiki links (specifically for having to-do lists for people across multiple wikis)

    Something more than the shortcut plugin? Maybe you should spell out exactly what you want in a todo item. --Joey

  • Some cleanups on other plugins:

    • Add the ability to use the meta title to the map plugin.

      Patch exists, just needs some cleanup. Now done. --Joey

Looking for a part-time ikiwiki developer

The TOVA Company, a small medical software and hardware company in Portland, Oregon, is looking for developers to add functionality to ikiwiki. We're looking for developers who are already familiar with ikiwiki development, including plugins, and who would be willing to work on a part-time, non-employee, project-based basis for each of the small features that we want. The features we're interested in would obviously be GPL'd, and released to the community (if they'll have them :) ). Please contact Andrew Greenberg (andrew@thetovacompany) if you're interested. Thanks!