How do you edit this wiki (I mean [ikiwiki]) without the web browser ? Is there a way to git clone/pull/push and thus to use our favorite text editor ? --?xma

You can clone ikiwiki's git repo. I have not implemented a way to allow users to push doc wiki only changesets anonymously, but you can mails changesets to me. --Joey

How can I send you the changesets ? (git command) --?xma

git-format-patch --Joey

Glad to hear I can mail changesets to you, since I wrote the applydiff plugin wishlist entry. --intrigeri

It would be nice to have a git recieve hook that checked that a commit contained only changes to .mdwn or other allowed extensions.. if someone writes up a good one, I'd be willing to deploy it for ikiwiki. --Joey

I'll think about it. It may solve some of my offline-being issues. --intrigeri

Now developed! --Joey