How to migrate multiple pages in root directory into a new subdirectory?

I have multiple pages in the root directory of my website:

$ pwd
$ ls
a. mdwn    b.mdwn  section.mdwn subdir

What's the procedures to migrate a.mdwn and b.mdwn to subdir and keep correct links to them that might exist in other pages like section.mdwn?

If you use the rename plugin and go page-by-page, it will update backlinks for you.

If you want to move a lot of files, such that it is impractical to do one at a time, you could write a script that

  • moved each page to the new location
  • replaced the old page with one containing a meta redirect to the new location.

-- Jon

Comment by jmtd [] Mon Aug 22 08:53:03 2011