Hi! I am searching for a replacement of my blog and webpages made off static HTML with just some custom PHP around it for years already. ikiwiki seems to be one of the hot candidates, since it uses a RCS.

I would like to have a multi domain setup like this:

  • myname.private.de => more of a personal page
  • professional.de => more of my professional work related page
  • and possibly others

Now when I write a blog entry about some Linux, Debian or KDE stuff, I possibly would like to have it shown on my private and my professional domain.

And I might like to use some kind of inter wiki links now and then.

Is such a setup possible? I thought about have a big wiki with Apache serving sub directories from it under different domains, but then wiki links like would not work.

Maybe having the same blog entry, same content on several domains is not such a hot idea, but as long as I do not see a problem with it, I'd like to do it.

This is where the git backend (or bzr if you prefer) shines. Make a site, and then branch it to a second site, and put your personal type stuff on the branch. cherry-pick or merge changes from one branch to another.

The possibility to do this kind of thing is why our recently launched Ikiwiki hosting service is called Branchable.com. It makes it easy to create branches of a Ikiwiki site hosted there: http://www.branchable.com/tips/branching_an_existing_site/ (Merging between branches need manual git, for now.)

BTW, for links between the branched wikis you can just use the shortcut plugin.


Comment by joey Sun Aug 15 12:06:43 2010

So I I just put a blog entry, which is just a file on both branches. Seems I have to learn cherry-picking and merging only some changes.

Still I am duplicating files then and when I edit one file I have to think to also edit the other one or merge the change to it. I thought of a way to tag a blog entry on which site it should appear. And then I just have to edit one file and contents changes on all sites that share it.

But then I possibly can do some master blog / shared content branch, so that shared content is only stored once. Then I need to find a way to automatically replicate the changes there to all sites it belongs too. But how do I store it.

I also thought about just using symlinks for files. Can I have two sites in one repository and symlink shared files stuff around? I know bzr can version control symlinks.

Hmmm, I think I better read more about branching, cherry-picking and merging before I proceed. I used bzr and git, but from the user interface side of things prefer bzr, which should be fast enough for this use case.

Comment by helios Sun Aug 15 12:18:35 2010