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Branch: anarcat/master
Author: anarcat

I know this sounds backwards, but it seems to me that the KML-generated map should be displayable on google maps. KML is the standard Google uses for google maps, and since we use it, we should interoperate with them. God knows why this is failing, but it is and should probably be fixed for the sake of interoperability: https://maps.google.ca/maps?q=http:%2F%2Fwiki.reseaulibre.ca%2Fmap%2Fpois.kml -- anarcat

The KML only needs a Document tag because it uses "shared styles" -- don't ask me what this is. Here is a patch: https://reseaulibre.deuxpi.ca/0001-Add-Document-tag-to-OSM-plugin-KML-output.patch --?deuxpi

I applied the patch to my master branch and tested it on the above URL: it works... mostly. The icons for the elements on the actual map seem incorrect (some are the proper icons, some others are the ugly default blue pin of google maps, weird) but I think this is a step in the right direction. Thus, this should be merged. -- anarcat

I've cherry-picked this patch, but from the description it does not sound "fixed" enough to close this bug. (OTOH, perhaps only google can fix it, so it people are happy with the state of affairs I won't insist this bug be left open.) --Joey

I am happy with this right now, so let's mark this as done. I do agree this seems like a google bug, so let's move on. --anarcat