Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: anarcat/osm_kml_formatting
Author: anarcat
Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: anarcat/attic/osm_emacs_indent
Author: anarcat

I have accumulated a small series of patches to the OSM plugin along with the other fixes I have submitted here. They have lived in a tangled mess on my master branch so far, but not anymore!

I have two main branches that need merging (on top of osm arbitrary layers):

If it's not supported yet, does it break something? Seems it must be hard to test the change at least if it's not supported. --Joey

Good point. Maybe that can be skipped for now, it sure doesn't look like it will be merged any time soon anyways. I do think that the optimisation needs to be merged, it's quite important because if halves the size of the resulting KML file. --anarcat

The merge you just did is fine, the only thing missing is folder support, I'll keep it in a separate branch for now, maybe it will be useful later! This is done. --anarcat

  • osm_openlayers_misc - do not override the sorting of layers (so that the order defined in osm arbitrary layers takes effect) and tell Emacs about the non-default indentation policies of the file.

I prefer not to pollute files with editor-specific garbage, and that goes doubly for files served over the network. Cherry-picked the layer sorting change. --Joey

Alright, I am fine with that, thanks. I moved my branch to the attic. -- anarcat

Those two branches are also merged directly on my master branch... along with osm arbitrary layers.

I am filing this as one todo to simplify matter, but I can also split it further if needs be. --anarcat