I've made the following ikiwiki tweaks which now reside in separate branches of my online git repo.

  • Album plugin: Image metadata - Populate album with metadata extracted from image using Image::ExifTool. Also generate tags and osm waypoint if gps data is available.
  • Album plugin: New albumpreview.tmpl with corresponding changes to album.pm that creates a thumbnail that links to an album rather than an image. Useful for creating thumbnailed indexes of albums.
  • Img plugin: sharpen images when resampling. (also save interlaced jpg's)
  • My kalleswork.net-current branch contains further tweaks, themes and crazyness that's likely only of interest to me.

These are all of very low quality as I've just hacked about with no knowledge of the codebase or indeed coding (even less Perl). In spite of this they now seem to work! They should all be options or have options in the config but I've not gotten around to figuring that out yet.

I'd like to share them as a prod to someone with actual skills to look at them if they find the features interesting. I'm hesitant to place my repo in the git list and tagging the various feature off with gitbranch because of the pick axe coding going on. Should I do this regardless of quality or is there a better way to share it?