Ikiwiki version: ikiwiki version 3.20160905~bpo8+1 running on Debian Jessie.

I have a page with directives something like the following:

[[!edittemplate  match="worklog/" template="templates/worklog.tmpl" silent="yes"]]
[[!inline  pages="worklog/*" rootpage=worklog postformtext="Record worklog entry for {{$title}}" archive="no" show="0"]]

The template worklog.tmpl looks something like this:


The form to create a worklog renders, and I can click the button. I get the right template. But the rendered template looks something like

Time: 2016-09-18T04:57:54Z

In other words: <TMPL_VAR TIME> works, and no other TMPL_VAR directives do (that I have been able to find). They all seem to be blank. I have been doing some source diving and it looks as if they ought to exist, but nothing is ever rendered.

My long-term goal is to make some custom template variables, but at this point I cannot even get the builtins working, other than time.

I am using a bunch of other plugins like getfield and field, but I do not know if any of them are the culprit. Here is the list from my ikiwiki.setup file:

      add_plugins => [qw{goodstuff prettydate templatebody
      template edittemplate httpauth date
      attachment inline field getfield ymlfront
      listdirectives sqlite_search sidebar}],

What am I doing wrong?