The ikiwiki logo reflects ikiwiki turning the regular wiki concept on its head by being a wiki compiler. Or maybe just the fact that "ikiwiki" is an palindrome.

Anyway, if you have this logo in other fonts or colors, feel free to send it to Joey for inclusion here. (Or upload it, once that feature is added).

  • ikiwiki logo
    ikiwiki logo large
    ikiwiki button

    SVG source, can be used to generate a logo at any size with a command like:

      inkscape -w 90 -i logo -e ikiwiki.png ikiwiki.svgz  
      inkscape -w 150 -i logo -e ikiwiki_large.png ikiwiki.svgz

    The favicon.ico can also be generated from this file, as follows:

      inkscape -w 16 -i favicon -e favicon.ico ikiwiki.svgz

    The button can also be generated as follows:

      inkscape -w 80 -i button -e ikiwiki_button.png ikiwiki.svgz

    Some other alternate icons and buttons are also included in the svg file and can be extracted by specifying their names.

    Contributed by Recai Oktaş

  • favicon.svgz is used to generate the favicon.ico:

      inkscape -w 16 -i favicon -e favicon.ico favicon.svgz
  • ikiwiki logo

    SVG source to this older version of the logo.

    Contributed by Recai Oktaş

  • ikiwiki logo

    LaTeX source to an image approximating the above:


    Contributed by ?JeroenSchot

  • iki.svg

    A simplified (442 byte) plain SVG version of the ikiwiki favicon.

    Contributed by JasonBlevins


    Hosted on:

    I had to change the black letters to #c8c8c8 to put in my website.

    This was created from the svg source.

    Contributed by ?hiato