This is the roadmap for ikiwiki development.


  • No severe security bugs.
  • All the basic features people would expect in a wiki.

Released 29 April 2006.

The 1.X series is no longer supported.


  • New improved URLs to pages via usedirs.
  • OpenID support, enabled by default.
  • Plugin interface added, with some 60 plugins available, greatly expanding the capabilities of ikiwiki.
  • Tags, atom feeds, and generally full-fledged blogging support.
  • Fully working utf8.
  • Optimisations, approximately 3.5 times as fast as version 1.0.
  • Improved scalability to large numbers of pages.
  • Improved scalable logo.
  • Support for additional revision control systems besides svn: git, tla, mercurial.
  • Some support for other markup languages than markdown: rst, textile.
  • Unit test suite, with more than 300 tests.

Released 30 April 2007.

The 2.x series is now in maintenance mode. Only security fixes and fixes for really bad bugs will be applied going forward.


Version 3.0 is an opportunity to make significant transitions. Read upgrade to 3.0 for the steps you will need to follow when upgrading your wiki to this version.

The highlights of the changes in version 3.0 include:

Released 31 December, 2008.

The 3.x series is expected to undergo continuing development for some time, adding improvements and new features, but avoiding changes that break backwards compatibility.

compatibility breaking changes

Probably incomplete list:

  • Drop old --getctime option.
  • Remove compatibility code in loadindex to handle old index data layouts.
  • Make pagespecs match relative by default? (see discussion)
  • Flip wikilinks? (see link plugin perhaps too general? and do not make links backwards)
  • Enable tagbase by default (so that tag autocreation will work by default). Note that this is already done for wikis created by auto-blog.setup.
  • html5 on by default (some day..)
  • Remove support for old .ikiwiki/comments_pending and for pending comments located in the srcdir, rather than transient underlay, from comment plugin. That support makes comment moderation slow as it has to check all the old locations.

In general, we try to use ikiwiki-transition or forced rebuilds on upgrade to deal with changes that break compatability. Some things that can't help with.

future goals

  • Conversion support for existing other wikis. See convert.
  • TODO, bugs, ...