Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: origin/gallery
Author: arpitjain

New Version of gallery is available now. Few more features have been added like support for multiple pages, sorting and resizing of images etc.

Gallery repo is now available at http://github.com/joeyh/ikiwiki/tree/gallery


creating a gallery of a bunch of images:

  • Display Exif informations
  • Display Image informations (like size, date, resolution, compression...)
  • Create CSS data for customizing
  • Create Thumbnails (maybe in more than one size, eg: full,1024x768,800x600,640x480)
  • Descriptions for every image
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Watermarks
  • Some javascript for easy navigation (see photon for a good example)

It should be possible to disable every feature for every directory.

This could be split into two distinct projects. One would be to modify the img plugin to support some of these ideas for extracting and using information such as exif out of images. The other project would be to design something that handles setting up a gallery, which could be just some regular wiki pages using the img plugin, and perhaps some other custom plugins for things like ratings and javascript), and adding new images to a gallery as they are added to the wiki.

That's one way to do it, and it has some nice benefits, like being able to edit the gallery pages like any wiki page, to add comments about images, links, etc. An example of ikiwiki being used like that: http://kitenet.net/~family/pics/guaimaca.html (still room for improvement, clearly).


I have implemented the first version of the Gallery Plugin for Ikiwiki as part of soc. This plugin would create a nice looking gallery of the images once the directory containing images is specified with some additional parameters. It has been build over the img plugin.

Plugin can be downloaded from here.

It can be used as :
[[!gallery imagedir="images" thumbnailsize="200x200" cols="3" alt="Can not be displayed" title="My Pictures"]]

* imagedir => Directory containing images. It will scan all the files with jpg|png|gif extension from the directory and will put it in the gallery.
* thumbnailsize(optional) => Size of the thumbnail that you want to generate for the gallery.
* alt(optional) => If image can not be displayed, it will display the text contained in alt argument.
* cols(optional) => Number of columns of thumbnails that you want to generate.
* title(optional) => Title of the gallery.

Features of the Gallery Plugin:
* You can go the next image by clicking on the right side of the image or by pressing 'n'.
* Similary, you can go the previous image by clicking on the left side of the image or by pressing 'p'.
* Press esc to close the gallery.
* While on image, nearby images are preloaded in the background, so as to make the browsing fast.

Right now, it features only one template namely Lightbox. Later on, I will add few more templates.
For any feedback or query, feel free to mail me at arpitjain11 [AT] gmail.com

Additional details are available here.

I'd love to merge this into ikiwiki.

However, lightbox.js is licensed under a non-free (Creative Commons) license. :-(

Since I don't much like the lightbox effects anyway (too much resizing motion, too slow), I wonder if another template could be added, perhaps a free one?

Now that ikiwiki is in git, I've downloaded the most recenty version of the gallery and put it in a "gallery" branch of my git repository.


See also gallery for another implementation of the same sort of thing. Unfortunately, none of the implementation ideas I have there seem quite right either... --smcv