Very nice! There are some rough spots yes, but this looks exactly as I'd hoped it would, and seems close to being ready for merging.

A few observations, in approximate order of priority:

  • What's the copyright and license of showdown? Please include that from the original zip file.
  • Done. Check licences folder
  • What happens if there are concurrent edits? The modification to save an edited wikiwyg part doesn't seem to check if the source file has changed in the meantime, so if the part has moved around, it might replace the wrong part on saving. I've not tested this.
  • When you click the edit button, the exact same protocol is used for saving. However when you double click to edit, this still is possibly an issue.
  • The stuff you have in destdir now really belongs in basewiki so it's copied over to any destdir.
  • Done.
  • Personally, I'm not sure if I need double-click to edit a section in my wiki, but I'd love it if the edit form in the cgi could use wikiwyg. Seems like both of these could be independent options. Doable, I'm sure?
  • Done.
  • It would be good to move as much as possible of the inlined javascript in wikiwyg.tmpl out to a separate .js file to save space in the rendered pages.
  • Done.
  • Both this plugin and the Gallery are turning out to need to add a bunch of pages to the basewiki. I wonder what would be a good way to do this, without bloating the basewiki when the plugins arn't used. Perhaps the underlaydir concept needs to be expanded so it's a set of directories, which plugins can add to. Perhaps you should work with arpitjain on this so both plugins can benefit. (The smiley plugin would also benefit from this..)
  • Done. All plugin files are now stored in a tarball. IkiWiki checks for .tar.gz in the basedir and if the plugin is being used, then it extracts the files to destdir. Currently IkiWiki does not render these files though (my plugin doesn't need them to be rendered). However it wouldn't be too hard to modify it to render them.
  • Is there any way of only loading enough of wikiwyg by default to catch the section double-clicks, and have it load the rest on the fly? I'm thinking about initial page load time when visiting a wikiwyg-using wiki for the first time. I count 230k or so of data that a browser downloads in that case..
  • Done-ish. I fixed it so that all of the javascript files(except for the main two) are loaded after the content is loaded. It is possible to make is so that the files are only loaded when you double click, however that is a lot more work, plus it will slow the load time for wikiwyg. But if you would prefer that the files only load after double clicking, I can do that. Also, I'm working on reducing the file sizes via Javascript Compression. Theoretically, I can get the size down to about 70kb, I'm working out the kinks now.


Oh, by the way, let me know if I forgot to tarball anything. --TaylorKillian

Some more comments, on version 1.6. You seem to be making nice progress.


  • I don't really like the tarball approach. Doesn't feel like the right approach somehow. A list of underlay directories feels to me like a better approach. One reason is that it's more general than a tarball tied to a given plugin. A list of underlay directories could also be used to prefer a translated underlay, and use the english version of untranslated pages, for example.
    • I don't quite get what you want to do with the underlay directory, it sounds like you have something pretty specific in mind. I can talk to you about that more on IRC later(assuming my internet is working right).
      • Basically the idea is to change $config{underlaydir} to an array.. Ok, take a look at the new add_underlay() function. You can now just add_underlay("wikiwyg") and it'll look in /usr/share/ikiwiki/wikiwyg/ for the files.
  • When is the WIKIWYG variable in misc.tmpl used?
    • The WIKIWYG variable in misc.tmpl is used for the edit page. I believe that is what you wanted me to do (Check Revision 3840).
      • Ah, right.
  • Could you move the code that handles saving a page of the page into the plugin? I just added an editcontent hook, which should allow you to do that.
    • Alright, np.
  • Your patch exports run_hooks, but I don't see the plugin using that.
    • Yeah, that was from an earlier revision of my plugin, I just forgot to remove that.
  • I don't know about exporting pagetitle. So far, only the inline plugin needs to use that function, I generally only export things after it's clear a lot of plugins will need them.
    • Just looked through the inline plugin. So if I want to use pagetitle in my code, I have to use the IkiWiki package instead of IkiWiki::Plugin::Wikiwyg? Or would a better approach be to just copy that function into the Wikiwyg plugin?
      • You can just call IkiWiki::pagetitle().

        Note: pagetitle is now exported.


  • Would it be possible to provide a diff between wikiwyg upstream and any modifications you made to its files? I'm not sure which version you used, so I'm seeing changes in diffing that I'm unsure if you made..
  • If the files aren't modified, would it be better for users to get them from the wikiwgy upstream, instead of including them in the plugin? (If so, they'd go in their own Debian package..)
    • The files are modified, but I doubt it will make a difference. There have been no updates to Wikiwyg since 5/30/07 so I'm pretty sure it's unmaintained now. Showdown is the same case, they haven't changed anything since SoC began. I could separate them diff's though if you feel it is worth it.
      • Well, from a packaging perspective, the question is whether some other package might want to use the wikiwyg/showdown javascript files. And whether your mods might break that. If the answers to these questions are yes and no, then it would make sense to package them as standalone packages rather than embedding them in ikiwiki.


  • What are your thoughts on handling plugins? Just make preview do a server-side callback?
    • That is an option, however I was trying to avoid that due to bandwidth, cpu time concerns (Two reasons I really like IkiWiki). I was planning on just manually implementing some of the easier ones (such as img), however I'm still trying to think of a way for the more complex ones.
      • It just seems like it would never be able to support everything, and would mean reimplementing stuff in javscript and would constantly need to be kept up to date. Ikiwiki's preview is actually pretty fast, the only real overhead being the cgi call.
  • How do I configure it to only support whole-page editing with wikiwyg and not insert the javascript into html pages?
    • There currently is no option to do that, however it is a 2 line change that I'll work on after I finish typing this.
  • When editing a whole page with wikiwyg, I think it would be good to keep the save, preview, cancel buttons at the bottom like they are in a regular page edit. Also the comments box. Kind of a least suprise thing, so that enabling wikiwyg for whole-page editing basically just changes how the edit box behaves and keeps the rest of the behavior the same. And I think the preview button should show a preview rendered server-side, like with a regular edit, since such a preview is able to support all plugins.
    • That's probably a good idea ;)

Everything else looks fine and ready for merging. If, that is, you think I should include the plugin with all of its java code in ikiwiki. Thoughts?


I'll start working on the changes... Let me know if you find anything else that needs to be changed. I'd be honored to have my code merged with IkiWiki :)


I wonder if you've had a chance to make any of the remaining changes above? Even just some of the smaller changes would be much easier for you to do than for me, and it would be nice to get them sorted out before I merge it into ikiwiki. --[[Joey]

None of the links for the WYSIWYG editor work anymore. Does anyone have an up to date link? Thanks, ?Greg

There's a branch in git for the wikiwyg stuff, which includes the latest version I sucked in from TaylorKillian's svn repository before it went offline. Disapponted that nothing seems to be moving here. --Joey

How far from ready did this seem to be at that point? I find it a bit unclear in the above discussion what was completed and what remained. Also, to recover the wikiwyg-specific stuff from git, it looks like I'd need to ask git for a diff between the wikiwyg branch and its branch point; is there a nice way to do that with gitweb, or would I need to install a full-fledged git client? --Chapman Flack

I think that the largest missing thing was support for using ikiwiki to render page previews.

Erm.. I seem to have screwed up the creation or pushing out of the wikiwyg branch. It doesn't seem to have any of the wikiwyg changes in it, and at this point, I don't know where to find them anymore! Damn, damn, damn. I suspect I did that right when I was learning git, and screwed up pushing the branch. :-( --Joey

Seems the new place is now at Github: FYI --Olea