Plugin: osm
Author: Blars Blarson, Antoine Beaupré
Included in ikiwiki: yes
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

OpenStreetMap/OpenLayers support for ikiwiki

This plugin provides simple OpenStreetMap/OpenLayers support for ikiwiki. It can embed OpenStreetMap viewports within a page or link to a bigger map that will have multiple markers, generated with a KML (or CSV, or GeoJSON) datafile of markers based on the different calling pages. Multiple distinct maps on a single wiki are supported.

You will need the XML::Writer perl module to write KML files, which is the default mode of operation. GeoJSON files can also be generated if the JSON perl module is installed.

This provides the waypoint and osm directives.


A basic set of examples is available (repository). Note that none of these will work without patching the plugin. With the following patches, most of the examples will work (while each patch is seperate, the branch includes all previous patches in the list, so the cbaines/osm-icon-fixes branch includes all patches).

Even with these patches, the CSV examples do not work, and there are cosmetic issues with a few of the other examples.

The plugin was originally written by the techno-viking and fixed up by anarcat.

See the wiki for a sample of what this plugin can do

See also googlemaps.

This plugin would be greatly improved by internal definition list support.