CGI requirement when using [[!waypoint]] on pages?

Most of the osm plugin works well without cgi. The link from waypoints however use ikiwiki.cgi, at least in my configuration. Is this actually required or is it possible to use a pre rendered page to avoid running cgi on the server?

At the moment I'd prefer not running cgi and one of the advantages of a wiki compiler is that you could run without cgi on the server.

This is a minor issue but I'd be interested if you think it's possible to prerender waypoint maps. I.e maps that center on a specific waypoint whilst having all waypoints of that map visible.

I think it would be possible, but it would require a patch. I do think however that this is the way it works: all waypoints are shown, and the only difference is that the map is centered. --anarcat

Configure all osm tags to use same icon?

Setting the default osm_tag_default_icon does not seem to work? All tagged waypoint pages now want their own unique icon and display broken image if not present. Populating the tag folder with identical icons gets a bit much when there are a lot of tags.

That looks like a bug. Please file it as such in bugs. --anarcat

[Wishlist] Setting unigue icon for "active waypoint"

For usability it would be great if it was possible to display the active waypoint with a different icon. So that clicking a waypoint map symbol takes you to a map with lots of waypoints but the waypoint from the sources page is centered (as per current behaviour) and has a different icon.

This would indeed be awesome. --anarcat

PS. The osm plugin is amazing!

Thanks! --anarcat