Tina has an updated osm that fixes some basic usages, greatly simplifies the code, and would let us close replace openlayers with leaflet and osm plugin fails to display map with javascript error, at the cost of removing some features.

The branch already incorporates changes from my review and additional fixes. I'd appreciate additional careful review from another maintainer, including about the points raised at discussion.


It has been over 2 years since I created this patch... I have even changed my name and gender in the meantime :) Any chances of it being merged into master? At this point I am considering if it makes sense to keep using ikiwiki if I have to keep maintaining local patches for years.


Hi, I can understand your frustration with having outstanding patches for review/merge. You aren't alone. It's clear that the IkiWiki maintainers are overloaded at the moment. IkiWiki maintainers, is there anything that we can do to help?

In my case I started collecting together stuff that I was requesting be merged into IkiWiki, by myself and others, in a branch that I use for the Opinionated Ikiwiki container.

The Opinionated IkiWiki container was not intended to be a "clearing house" for patches, as such, but it could potentially be a way for pending stuff to get some exposure, which might increase the overburdened maintainers confidence in the patches. (Would it)? Supposing that anyone is using the container of course.

I've personally not used the OSM plugin at all, but I took a quick look after you posted the above message. It looks cool! I would probably accept a PR against the "opinionated" branch in my fork, above, if that was of any interest.

-- Jon, 2021-08-18